Social Development


The Muskoday First Nation Social Development Program over time has evolved to address some varying social issues in a number of capacities.

First and foremost,  Social Development services the Welfare Program for income assistance.  The welfare program is funded as a program of Last Resort.

This program functions as a source of income to those who have  demonstrated that they are unable to meet their needs for the basic necessities that are essential to their health and well-being.

Also, the Adult Care Program is part of the overall Welfare Program.  This particular program offers services to those clients that are assessed as adult care recipients.  Recipients under adult care status are  usually under the care of a caregiver.

Secondly, with the new and innovated client focused approach to the Social Development Program there is now a more concentrated effort to focus on human services capacity building. The Social Development Program provides more opportunities to explore and develop new options to support and introduce more training and programs like Life Skills, Adult Basic Education, and a lot of other Federal or Provincial training programs that will assist the income assistance clientele move more and readily into the Canadian labour market.

The overall emphasis of the Social Development Program is to develop a complete customized case management/career plan for the income assistance clientele to help them make a seamless transition into the workforce.

With respect to applying for social assistance benefits with the Muskoday First Nation, individuals must meet a test of needs. This test of needs will demonstrate that you are incapable of financial  self – support. The following relevant information is required for the test of needs in qualifying an applicant for social assistance benefits:

  • Previous month’s Bank Statement
  • Hospitalization Card #; Social Insurance Card #; Treaty Card #
  • Dependent information including Birth Dates (if applicable)
  • Current: House #; Phone #; Mailing Address
  • Verification of Residency form signed by the head of the household Band member, if living in someone else’s home.
  • Medical conditions must be verified by letter from Medical Doctor.

Applicants not providing the necessary information for the test of needs will ONLY delay the application process in receiving social assistance.

When applying for social assistance there will be a turnaround time of two (2) working days that will  implemented for verification of last income and application processing procedures.

In addition any changes in circumstances must be reported to the Welfare Administrator immediately, this includes financial resources from earned (job) and unearned incomes (ei), as well as the situation on marital status and dependents’ information.

“Under Section 1.4, subsection.4, page l2, chapter l of the Saskatchewan Social Assistance policy manual  –  It ‘s your responsibility to report any changes immediately in income or circumstances that would affect social assistance eligibility and entitlement.”

By giving false information or withholding information in your changes of circumstances to receive a social assistance benefit is considered to be fraud. All fraudulent matters will be dealt with accordingly and suspension of social assistance benefits will be automatically revoked and criminal charges will be pursued and executed.