Councilor Delbert Bear


Councilor Delbert Bear is entering his second term in 2019, after a successful first term and successful re-election.

He was born on September 22nd, 1957, and was raised on the Muskoday First Nation.  He attended Muskoday School up until grade 2, and then

attended East Central School from grade 3 – grade 8. He attended Composite High School (now Wesmor) from 1971 – 1975 where he graduated from grade 12.

He then took Commercial Cooking in 1981 – 1982.  He worked for the Marlboro Hotel until he wrote and obtained his Journeymen Certificate.  Following that,

he worked for SIAST Woodland Campus from November 1986 – 2007.  After that he fell ill from a car accident, and left for medical reasons.  While on the road to recovery

he opened the Muskoday Cafe from Feb 1/2016 – Feb 1/2017.  Delbert was then nominated to council, with the first win of this political life, he accepted his two year term.

Delbert has stated that he is very thankful and that he is honored for the opportunity to work for his community.


Councilor Delbert Bear’s Portfolios are as follows:


  • MFN Community School (K-9)
  • Grades 9 – 12 (Carlton)
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Adult Education
  • Labor Force Development
  • Recreation Program and Workers
  • Urban Issues (STC Representative)

If you need to contact Councilor Bear at or his cell at 306-930-2636.