Community Health Centre

Lina Saveedra – Director of Health

Who leads the Health Centre?  Lina Saavedra, Director of Health

Councilor Herman Crain oversees Health and Recreation programs, Social Development, Child & Family Services, Community Based Funding, Powwow, Elders, Policing & Community Safety.

Who works in the Health Centre and what do they provide to the community? We currently have 20 employees and two contract workers.

Lina Saavedra, Director of Health is responsible for the overall management as directed through the Health Committee, the Saskatoon Tribal Council, First Nations & Inuit Health, And Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada, and approved by Chief & Council.

Tracy Bear, Manager of Health is responsible for the supervision and reporting of Muskoday Community Health Centre activity and services for the Muskoday Community.  They are responsive to community needs and will act as a liaison between the Director of Health and the Muskoday First Nation (MFN) Community.  They ensure the MFN Community receives stream-lined service delivery and exceptional operations, while fully adhering to the policies set in place by MFN, Saskatoon Tribal Council (STC), First Nation and Inuit Health (FNIH), Indigenous Services Canada (ISC), and other organizations.

Angelique Clinton, Manager of Community & Family Well-Being supports the Family Well-Being initiative, including adherence to all intervention, prevention, family enhancement, after-hours service, and child placement support programming set in place.  Assists the Director of Health in working to build capacity for Muskoday to exercise jurisdiction over Child and Family Services.  The position involves assistance with the transition of staff, funding and activities from Muskoday’s Demonstration Project to the New Progressive Model administered in partnership with STC.  Promotes new community and family-based initiatives that contribute to the well-being of Muskoday.

Bonnie Fowler, Certified Home Health Aide provides guidelines for the delivery of personal care to clients while allowing and encouraging clients to do as much of their own personal care as possible.  To promote self-care where possible thus encouraging independence.

Brittany Dufresne, Chronic Disease Management Coordinator works closely with the nursing staff to focus on prevention and intervention for ensuring community health and safety.  This individual will work with the nurse to assist clients in managing, coping with their condition and rehabilitation to improve quality of life.  This individual will also fill in for the permanent Certified Continuing Care Aide when she is not available and will assist her as needed from time to time. The CCA is an integral part of the Home Care team and works under the supervision of the Home Care Nurse/Assessor.  The objective of this position is to provide home support and respite assistance to clients based on the assessed need.  The goal is to promote the client’s ability to live independently in a private home. 

Chanelle Bear, Patient Transportation Coordinator provides coordinated transportation of clients attending appointments adhering to the FNIH-NIHB Directives and Medical Transportation Policies to ensure conformity in travel arrangements.  Arrangements are provided for accommodations and meals for clients who are required to stay away from home for medical reasons.  Statistical reports are provided to FNIH as per contribution agreement requirements.

Deborah Bear, Administrative Assistant provides administrative and reception duties, clerical, communications, secretarial and logistical support to staff.

Erica Hennie, Well-Being & Maternal Child Health Coordinator works to improve the health outcomes for First Nations women who are pregnant and families with infants and young children. The vision is that all First Nations infants and young children who live on reserve will be supported to reach their fullest developmental and lifetime potential by having access to a local, integrated, and effective MCH program that is responsive to individual, family and community needs.

This staff member provides intensive support through outreach, home visiting, one-on-one support, group support, advocacy, referrals and integration of programs and services, case management programming, education, awareness, and follow-up.

Maddy Bear, Youth Sports, Culture and Recreation Worker works under the supervision of the Community Services Coordinator, the Youth Sports, Culture and Recreation Worker is responsible for implementing, administering, and coordinating sports, culture and recreation opportunities to the children and youth of Muskoday First Nation.

Sena Richmond, Community Addictions Prevention Program Worker provides educational and prevention programs, pre-treatment assessments, and referrals to treatment centres to members of the community who are experiencing problems with addictions.  The CAPP Worker will work in cooperation with persons and agencies both internal and external to the community (including other health and social development staff, justice agencies, mental health therapists, treatment centre, the RCMP to name a few.

Joe Munroe, Food Security Coordinator is responsible to oversee food security for our community.  This is a new and developing position, therefore specific duties and responsibilities will be flexible and guided by the interests and will of the community membership.  Interesting duties are maintaining greenhouses, community rototilling, work with new and current gardeners to help them succeed with harvests and get set up for next year, promotion of hiring students and many other food worthy contributions to the community.

Natasha Cummings, Home Care Nurse offers Home Care Nursing support to members in the community through assessments.  The Home Care Nurse provides clinical supervision and support to their support staff.  Assistance with program development is provided through administrative support, training, and in-services.  The Home Care Nurse also provides support to individuals living with diabetes as well as providing education and awareness to prevent the on-set.

Russell Bear, Custodian is responsible for the maintenance and light preventative maintenance to the building and equipment inside and outside.

Sherri Boisson, Community Health Nurse focuses on program development and community health education & support.  She offers a broad inter-sectoral approach to encourage individual, family, and community health such as: 

  • Family Centered Maternal Health Care:  Prenatal & Postnatal Program
  • Infant & Preschool Health: Postnatal care; chronic/at risk assessments & follow-up; child health clinics; preschool preparation clinics.
  • School Age Health:  Nurse-Teacher conferencing; school visitation program, referrals & follow-up for any health concerns; health promotion & education presentations to individual classrooms.
  • Adult Health:  Health education, which includes one-on one & group presentations, lifestyle education, screening services, liaison services & immunizations.
  • Chronic Conditions:  Home visits, assessments & referrals, follow up of discharge referral.
  • Elderly Health:  Chronic conditions registry, social visits.

Tanya Negrey, Art Therapist works with clients both through talk and/or art therapy.  Art therapy is a non-verbal way to process emotions and experiences in a way that is guided by the client and works with the inherent creativity in everyone.  This is a contract position.

Erica Wittevrongel, Music Therapist works with clients through talk and/or music therapy.

Charity Fahr, Shannon Reichenberg, Kristen Bonville, Nicole Badger and Lauren Nordstrom, Community Support Workers responsibilities are todevelop, assist and support after hours programming in the community.  The CSW’s may transport youth, children and families.  The CSW’s work closely with our Family Well-Being and Community Addictions Teams as well as Community Culture, Recreation and Sports Teams.  They are responsible for providing mostly after-hours community activities and support services meant to engage Muskoday youth and families.

Cheryl Murphy, Barrier Reduction & Service Access Specialist for Jordan’s Principle champions our community effort to systematically identify and reduce these barriers.  This specialist works collaboratively across our various human service sectors, and across different jurisdictions of government (i.e., band, provincial, federal) to develop solutions for service barriers impacting children and youth.  This position provides immediate support to children and their families during times of need, while also supporting human service providers in their respective efforts to mobilize proper services and supports.

Lindsay Smith, Holistic Wellness Facilitator to provide expert, professional services in a broad range of counselling including individual, family and marital; facilitate group support programs; deliver public education and in-service training related to the mental health of children, youth, adults and families; and serve community needs by being part of a multi-sector team of human service professionals.  This position is currently vacant.

Can anyone go to the Health Centre?  Yes.  We welcome everyone from all walks of life.

What is a typical day at the Health Centre?  Typically, everyone arrives to work and begins to work on their planned programming through administration and out in the field work.  It can become a busy environment.

Are the four sacred medicines used in any way? Are there other traditional methods or medicines used at the health centre?  Yes, Tobacco, sage, cedar and sweetgrass, follow tobacco, and together they are referred to as the Four Sacred Medicines.  The Muskoday Community Health Centre has a supply of each on hand for anyone who requests.

What is treaty and what does it have to do with medical care? A treaty is essentially a settlement, or an agreement arrived at by treating or negotiation. It gives rise to binding obligations between the parties who make it. It acts to formalise a relationship between parties to an agreement. Treaties contain articles which outline the points of agreement between the parties. Treaties are agreements among and between nations. Treaties have been used to end wars, settle land disputes, and even establish new countries.

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