MFN Intervention Circle

Community and Family Violence Initiative

In January of 2014, all Muskoday staff and Chief and Council came together with the support of Elders, to begin our implementation of the Muskoday Community and Family Violence Elimination Initiative. This initiative is evidence-based, culturally-driven and based upon the needs and assets of Band members and staff at Muskoday. We have made a commitment to begin building capacity within the prevention and intervention assets we already have at Muskoday. We all must reach out and make a difference in Muskoday. No longer will we turn a blind eye to violence. It is everyone’s problem and we must all find a way to be a part of the solution. The following link is a background document on the initiative. It serves as a technical guide for how Muskoday Band members, staff, Chief and Council, Elders and our community partners can work together to try and eliminate violence at Muskoday. 

Following is a link to this very important movement.