Active Measures

Description of Program

The Active Measures strategy is focused on helping young on-reserve First Nations people transition from welfare dependency to labour force participation, post-secondary education and training and self-sufficiency.

This past year the Saskatoon Tribal Council hosted three partnership forums to engage existing and potential partners and as well promote the strategies the Tribal Council will employ to increase opportunities for First Nations to become more active participants in the Saskatchewan labour market.  Participants of these forums included industry leaders, various levels of government, union representatives as well as representatives of education boards and health authorities.


The Memorandum of Understanding was signed on March 11, 2012 between five Saskatchewan Tribal Councils (STC, YTC, ACTC, MLTC and FHQTC), the federal Ministry of Indian Affairs and Northern Development & Interlocutor for Métis and Non-Status Indians, the federal Ministry of Human Resources and Skills Development, and the provincial Ministry of Advanced Education, Employment and Immigration.  This MOU is an agreement by the participants to work collaboratively to improve labour force participation by First Nations in Saskatchewan through effective supports, programs and services.

Program Activities

Additionally, there has been a great deal of promotion at the First Nation level to encourage and support initiatives at the community level. Several of our First Nations have been actively promoting educational pursuits with increased programming on-reserve for adult basic education and skill development.  Several front-line staff from the First Nation communities also participated in Dragon 9 training to increase their capacity to deliver effective supports and services for individuals pursuing educational and employment goals.

Through this initiative the Saskatoon Tribal Council will continue to collaborate with its partners and within the organization to promote increased education and skills, develop effective supports to assist individuals maintain employment, and promote increased opportunities within the Saskatchewan economy for First Nations.